Dirty Unity: Move array elements in the inspector

12. März 2019

Hey guys, here comes an introduction to a small series: Dirty Unity, in which I will share small, but handy C# code snippets in the […]

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German Dev Days 2018

10. Juni 2018

It’s been two weeks since we attended the GermanDevDays 2018 in Frankfurt, where we publicly presented All Quiet in the Trenches for the first time… […]

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Vision and Game Loop

3. August 2018

Greetings, fellow humans! In our second blog post I already talked a bit about All Quiet in the Trenches. In this post and the following […]

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All Quiet in the Trenches

11. Mai 2018

“Welcome to 1914, sir. This is your squad. You should try to get to know them, so you understand how to handle everyone, but… better […]

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All Quiet in the Trenches on!

1. Juli 2018

Fellow humans! There’s news! As if the DevDays hadn’t already been firmly set in our memories as a wonderful experience, they still have more to […]

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We’re Totally Not Aliens!

4. Mai 2018

Greetings, fellow humans! Contrary to some absurd allegations, we’re Totally Not Aliens! After all, who’d give up a perfectly comfortable life on Glarblzork V just […]

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